Cruise inclusions Pot to Plate Adventure


Fine Dining on the Tweed River


Crab Catching in the Tweed River


  • 3-hour cruise aboard Captain Bill’s Explorer.
  • 90-minute tour with Crab Man, your personal guide.
  • Lunch on mud crabs & oysters, with a glass wine on Captain Bills Explorer
  • Morning tea.
  • Pelican and seabird feeding.
  • All equipment.
  • Freshly shucked oysters.


  • Join our 3-hour cruise for morning tea and lunch, but in between be met by Crab Man and his specialized boat for this 90-minute adventure offered exclusively by TEC.
  • Yabbie pumping (bait collecting on sandy islands) with Crab Man. Waterproof waders provided.
  • Trapping for your mud crab lunch.
  • Exploring mangrove channels other boats cannot reach.
  • Eat freshly shucked oysters at the oyster farm.
  • Crab Man briefing about your freshly caught lunch.
  • Pot to plate … watch your catch be cooked on the back deck of Captain Bill’s Explorer!
  • Fresh, sweet tasting female mud crab – a rarity

Premium Pot to Plate Adventure

All the above …except this tour is limited to 8 people and you are on tour with only Pot to Plate customers, for 4 hours, you get the exclusive option of dining on a private sandbank, our cook on the VIP boat, will be cooking up storm, of BBQ Fish, fresh Local seafood harvest from the Tweed will be on the table – varying from selection of Fresh ocean prawns, spanner crabs, sand crabs, sauces from our region to accompany your seafood, salads and fruits from local region – the Premium Pot to Plate is that exclusive adventure, of tasting, and sampling local produce and environment so pristine you will not forget.

Prices per person (rates valid until March 31 2018)

Tours commencing in July 2017

Premium Pot to Plate Adventure (only P2P customers on boat for lunch & morning tea. Limited to 8$550 per person

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